Offering clinics at barns and support services at shows. 

Individual sessions

Individualized, one-on-one physio for riders both in person & via Skype & WhatsApp or sending videos for assessment via email.



Stephanie  graduated with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy and Bachelors of Health Science from Loma Linda University in 2008.  Because she is also an equestrian she has been able to combine her passion for fitness, health and alignment with her passion for horses.

Stephanie attended the USEF HSSM clinic  given by Andy Thomas in October 2017.  Stephanie is now a part of a small group of physical therapists recognized by the USEF to treat equestrian athletes.  She is currently contracted with USEF to work with all the riders who are invited to be a part of the developing dressage clinics.

"My hope is to be able to help riders of any level or ability improve their body awareness, balance and strength. I want to help them be the best team they possibly could be with their horse and to achieve their goals both on and off their beloved companions!"



September 22 and 23 ,  Spirit Equestrian Center
September 28 and 29 , Magnolia,  Texas
October 25, Bay Area with Nellie Giles Dressage
November 10, 11 and 12  Starr Valley Farms, Washington
December 14, 15, 16   Wellington, FL
ride advanced - 
with Positively pilates 

Stephanie has partnered with Jeanette Henry owner of Positively Pilates to bring you Pilates for Riders. Jeanette is a certified Pilates instructor with a passion for helping athletes improve their performance.  Together, they've designed a video fitness program especially for riders that will help you improve your fitness - and advance your ride.

Three different subscription levels will be offered.  Click below to learn more.

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Rider's Starter Plan

4 workouts a month - do a different workout each week.
Rider's Starter Plan
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Amp up your ride

8 workouts a month - 2 different workouts each week.
Amp up your ride

Max your ride

12 workouts a month - do 3 different workouts each week.
Max your ride