pilates for riders

ride advanced

with positively pilates

Ride Advanced Physio and Positively Pilates provide a membership-based workout program for riders who desire to achieve their peak performance in and out of the saddle. Concise, Pilates-based sequences guide you through effective, safe, and challenging exercises to improve your alignment and proprioception - subtleties that your horse will respond to and that will measurably improve your riding skill.

Three different subscriptions levels give you options to improve your ride. Explore below, then choose your package and start feeling stronger.

available now!
Starter plan -
4 workouts per month


Priced at $49 per month, the Starter Plan gives you 4 unique workouts uploaded at the beginning of each month.  Mix and match how you do them to improve your fitness.

8 workouts per month 

Priced at $75 per month, the Amp Up Your Ride program gives you 8 unique workouts, uploaded at the beginning of each month.  Do 2 each week, or mix it up and feel your ride improve.

coming soon!
Max your ride -
12 workouts per month


Your ultimate exercise plan. Priced at $99 per month, when you Max Your Ride you'll have 12 unique workouts, uploaded the beginning of each month.  Do 3 different workouts each week for your max fitness gains.

Have a question about our subscription process?  Click here for answers to some frequently asked questions.